Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vanessa Mooney's Under the Sea Collection 2013

This next Season “Under the Sea” Summer 2013 I was really inspired by the idea of what lies underneath the Sea. I have always wondered what kind of civilizations could or have existed under the ocean! What would it be like to actually exist there... out in the open ocean where the sea meets the sky to infinity.

This collection has pieces that have an edgy kinda mermaid feel to them. The collection is still very bohemian and rock and roll but it has a more futuristic feel to it! The bright golds and silvers with crystal, the stones chains and beads are in a more street style but sophisticated direction .... still wearable at the beach or out at night!

We LOVE the metal casted cuffs, statement necklaces and rings this season.... This collection is one of my it is different than what I have normally done but still my aesthetic!

XOXOOX Vanessa

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Planet Blue's "Inbetweeners" Lookbook

The amazing Planet Blue has just launched their newest lookbook "The Inbetweeners", inspired by friends living on permanent vacation in distant towns.  "They don't know what day it is, nor do they really care," this lookbook will have you craving Summer, and wanting some new jewels to pile on for the festival season!

Check out the pics below shot by rad photographer Jason Lee Perry, and make sure to visit Planet Blue for the newest Vanessa Mooney pieces.

xoxo the VM team

Friday, March 8, 2013

Vanessa Mooney Traveling the World

Lately we've been bit by the travel bug here at Vanessa Mooney!  We are dreaming of far off places from Thailand, India, Nepal, to Turkey, Greece, and Morocco....for sure a trip around the world is in our near future!

xoxo the VM team