Thursday, April 23, 2015

DIY: Cut-Up Tees

In the midst of Spring and with Summer coming sooner than we know, its time to start dressing like were ready! Being the crafty girls we are here at VM, we want to show you DIY cut-up tees of our favorite VM styles to help you revamp some old tees that you never want to throw away.

Featured are the following tees available online:

Front Tied Crop Top:

1.     Cut across the bottom of the shirt to remove the hem

2.     Measure 4 inches from the bottom of the shirt (or however much you desire)

3.  Cut upwards along the seam and stop at the 4 inch mark

4. Backside: cut across the 4 inch mark from side to side

5. Frontside: measure the width of the top and mark the middle

6.  Frontside: cut up the midpoint for 4 inches or until it matches the height of the backside

7. Frontside: shape the tied ends by curving and cutting outwards

8. Fold the shirt in half to have equal sized ends (trim as needed)

9.  Tie the front and you got yourself a new top!

Halter Top:

1. Cut across the bottom of the t-shirt, however cropped you want the halter to be

2. Cut sleeves off by cutting along the arm seam

3. To cut the neckline, start about 1.5 inches in and curve scissors to shape necklace as you cut

4. Backside: measure about 4 inches from the bottom of the tee and make a snip at the 4 inch mark on both sides

5.  Backside: cut downwards along the back side seams until you reach the snips you made in the previous step

6. Backside: cut across from snip to snip

7. Backside: shape the halter straps by starting at the top of the back neckline and curve down

8. Backside: measure across the width of top and cut up the midpoint

9. Backside: shape the back ties by cutting them at a curved angle

10.  Tie neck and back to your particular fit and you're done!

Tied Sides Top:

1. Cut off bottom hem

2. Fold shirt on its side and cut along side seams & cut off side seams on both sides

3.  Tug and pull the bottom corners

4. Tie the sides together and you're done!