Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vanessa Mooney and fashion blogger Claire Geist's first collaboration!

The Sacred Heart Medallion Necklace

In the spirit of embracing the creative forces in all of us, Vanessa Mooney and fashion blogger Claire Geist have come together to design a piece that both embraces and promotes the creative spirit in all of us. In a correspondence that spanned across two ends of the country, Claire and Vanessa created the Sacred Heart Medallion Necklace to reflect their mutual love for Mexican folk art and iconographic spirituality. Claire was inspired by a trip to Mexico, where she found out about Milagros, or spiritual charms that are used for healing purposes. Although the design created by Vanessa is inspired by Mexican art, the sacred heart is a symbol that takes different forms across cultures as a symbol for passion, love and spirituality, making it a binding symbol that transgresses everyone. This inspired Vanessa to create a pendant that captured the strength of the sacred heart and set it against beautiful faceted pearls, bringing beauty and power together as a force for greatness.

To take things a step further, to spread the love and make the world a better place for creative minds everywhere, a portion of the proceeds made from the necklace will go to Artists For Human Rights (AFHR), a non-profit organization committed to upholding the Declaration of Human Rights and making the world a better place to live in through creative expression. Art is an incredibly powerful force in the world, and through creation comes new life, new culture, and an all-around greater peace. With the Sacred Heart necklace, the power is around your neck.

• 30"
• Handmade in Downtown Los Angeles

for more information on AFHR, visit www.artistsforhumanrights.org