Thursday, October 17, 2013


Vanessa Mooney combined forces with For Love & Lemons' designers Laura Hall and Gillian Mahin to collaborate on a new jewelry line "SUPERNOVA.”  It was only natural and a matter of time before these artists and long-time friends combined their innovative vision to create something true to their similar sensibilities and both brand’s aesthetics. Over a Whiskey Sour, sketch pad in hand, their ideas literally started flowing and what started as a “passion project” turned into a collaborative masterpiece.

Heavily influenced by one another’s style, Hall, Mahin and Mooney’s design ideas were developed further through motivating factors such as mystics, space, futurism, the Earth, and women on Earth.  These creative masterminds were inspired to create a line that oozed with edge, power, meaningfulness, the future, sex, strength and delicateness.  "SUPERNOVA" consists of timeless standout pieces with statement necklaces, collar cuff necklaces, delicate pendant necklaces, cuffs, rings, earrings, and avant-garde chain bras.  Made from pure high polished brass and semi precious stones, like opal and quartz, every piece is carefully hand crafted by artisans in downtown Los Angeles.  The designers opted to use an ancient, classic, luxe metal such as pure brass not only for its rich color, but for its lustrous look it takes on as it ages creating a vintage feel.  Every piece in the "SUPERNOVA" collection is a standout keepsake that can be worn everyday and expected to last a lifetime.  It's classic with an edginess that will never go out of style. For Love & Lemons x Vanessa Mooney, a collaboration we have all been waiting for.